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How To Be Romantic (Method 2)

BEING CREATIVE. 1. Write “I love you” in unlikely places. Write “I love you” in the steam of the bathroom mirror after your loved one takes a shower. This will be a fun and fresh romantic surprise. You can also carve this into a tree trunk on your property, or into an old wooden table that […]

How To Be Romantic (Method One).

It takes great care, forethought, and creativity to be truly romantic. If you want to be romantic, then you have to find an unexpected and exciting way to express your affection and devotion to your beloved. It can be tricky to be romantic without feeling corny or insincere, regardless of whether you’re starting a new […]

How to Tell Her You’re Not Ready for Marriage Without Issues

Long-term relationships come with a certain set of expectations. When you’ve been dating someone for years, people start nudging you. Even if you’re not ready for marriage, they ask when you’re going to finally pop the question. They don’t know that you might not be ready for another five years, or maybe, you never even want […]

Romantic Things To Do To Keep The Romance Alive

Relationships are a little like glaciers; under various pressures, they’re always moving and changing, gathering all sorts of debris. But after some time, they move so slowly, it’s easy to forget they’re there, particularly when you live together. To use a more familiar metaphor, one day your relationship is a wild ride, all loops and […]

Why It’s a Terrible Idea to Get Revenge on Your Ex

There’s a famous saying — originally attributed to British poet George Herbert — that living well is the best revenge. If you really want to piss off someone you hate, be successful, as that’ll hurt them more than any evil plans you could scheme up against them. While it’s a good quote, and a snappy […]