50 Freelance Platforms You Find Jobs As A Freelancer

If you want to make money, then you must have to do two things. It’s either you sell a product – be it physical or digital, or you offer a service.

If you are just starting out making money online, freelancing is one easy and fast way to start making money on the internet with little or no budget. All you have to do is acquire a skill and join some of the many freelance websites in the internet where you can offer that skill as a service.

What is Freelancing and who is a Freelancer?

Freelancing is the process of offering a service and getting paid for it. It could be website design, graphics design, writing, translation or any other service that individuals and companies need and are willing to pay for it.

A freelancer is one offering such services for monetary benefits.

When I started my first online business, I was doing graphics design – creating banners and logos for individuals and small businesses. I had a Facebook page where I showcased my works and attract clients as well.

Though I wasn’t very good then, but I kept working on improving my skills.

Hey Fasterq, what if I do not have any skill to offer as a service online?

Well, the answer is very simple, learn one!

You must not spend thousands of dollars to learn a skill. There are tons of video tutorials on YouTube to get you started. I had no formal education on graphics design when I started offering that service. I learnt virtually everything online; reading free ebooks and watching video tutorials.

One of the biggest challenges freelancers encounter is getting clients to purchase their services. It is very disheartening that after learning a skill and hoping to make money out of it, selling that service then becomes almost impossible.

I will be sharing with you, 50 freelance websites freelancers can join today and get connected with clients who will be willing to for services. Most freelancers are unaware of a vast number of marketplaces where they can find customers.

How Does Freelance Websites Work?

Freelance websites act as a bridge between freelancers and clients. The site helps you find individuals and companies who are interested in the service you offer and then collect a certain percentage of what you earn for providing the service.

The good side is that your clients will have to make payment to these freelance websites before you can work. This will help reduce the risk of getting scammed.

The freelance website receives the money from the clients, wait for you to offer the service within the agreed time, and then send the money to you when it is clear that both you and your client are satisfied with the outcome of the project.

80% of freelancers stick to the popular freelance websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Fiver, etc. The competition on these platforms is massive. These marketplaces are filled with lots of freelancers seeking to offer their services.

If you are a beginner, it is certain that you will have a hard time trying to sell your services on these platforms. It requires time and a bit of hard work to start hitting it big on those websites.

Instead of chasing the popular platforms, you can sign up with the freelance sites with less competition after which you can expand your freelance career to other platforms and then seek to get direct clients as well.

The list is a long one, however; I do not expect you to sign up for all 50 sites. You can select a few of them and get started.

  1. Upwork: Here you can find virtually every type of work for freelancers since the freelance website has over a million clients seeking for freelancers to work with. Here you can find both long and short term projects. You can choose to work hourly or per project. 

2. Toptal: Freelancers will have to undergo thorough review before being accepted on this platform. The reason is that Toptal works with high-profile companies and organisations, thus, they clientbest results for every project.

You are sure to land jobs with prestigious companies if you happen to get accepted on Toptal. You also stand the chance of joining the toptal community and attending their regular meets ups and events.

It is said that Toptal accepts only 3% of applicants making the website a highly competitive platform with only the best freelancers in the industry. You will have to up your game if you are seeking to become a member of the Toptal community.

3. Freelancer: This is a great freelance marketplace where freelancers can find work. On this freelance website, there are thousands of projects that needs to be done.

You can browse through the available job listings and choose a project that matches your skill.

This platform allows you to compete with fellow freelancers to display your outstanding skill.

4. People Per Hour: This platform is a good fit for SEO experts, web developers, and software engineers. Freelancers can check out job listings and get notified of new job openings for free but are required to send up to 15 proposals to clients for free before they are accepted for the paid plan.

As a result of the massive amount of work to be done on this platform, there is perhaps; availability of work for every freelancer. You can choose to work hourly or per project, depending on which you are comfortable with

5. Fiver: This freelance website seems to have an approach that is different from most freelance sites. Unlike the traditional way of applying for job openings, freelancers are allowed to list their services (gigs) and allow clients to find them.

These gigs are created using specific keywords that allow hiring companies and individuals to find the freelancers.

The services listed on this platform usually starts at $5, and I believe this brought about the idea of the name “Fiverr.” Sellers can also offer services beyond $5. You are not mandated to provide all services for $5.

I will not build a professional e-commerce website for $5, and I am sure any web designer out there will not. Or Would you? ;

6. Craigslist: If you would like to do only jobs within your locality, craigslist give you that opportunity. You can decide to apply for openings that are listed on your location only.

Craigslist gives you the benefit of meeting your client face to face before taking up the project. With this, there won’t be any form of scam experience since you must have done your research on your client properly

Some people believe craigslist is just a platform to buy and sell old items, they never understand that it is a booming marketplace where freelancers can find clients.

7. CloudPeeps: If you are into marketing and community building then Cloudpeeps is a good fit for you. There are more customers than freelancers thus giving you the opportunity to land clients quickly when you join the network.

Clients posts their job openings and freelancers are allowed to submit an application to jobs that match their skills.

8. Dribbble: Dribble is more fun when you sign up for the pro account. It is a platform for designers and other creative guys. Simply head straight to dribble, sign up for a pro account and show the “Hire me” button on your profile to allow hiring individuals and companies find you.

9. WordPress: Surprised yeah? Not until I discovered a few months ago, I never knew there is an official job board website for WordPress. If you have been rocking this platform before now, feel free to tell me your experience in the comments box.

If you are excellent with WordPress, then this is a good platform for you. This freelance website is mainly centered on WordPress. Here you can offer WordPress services such as theme installation and customization, plugin development, WordPress site optimization, and every other cool stuff that have to do with WordPress.

10. Contently: This is a freelance website for content marketers. Simply sign up, create your portfolio on the site to display your skill to clients, and then allow potential customers to find you.

11. Problogger Jobs: This platform is for freelance bloggers. If you are a blogger seeking to earn extra income via freelancing, then the ProBlogger job section is what you might just need to start banking some extra cash.

12. Mashable Job Board: If you are a regular visitor of Mashable, you might have come across the job section on this website. Jobs listed on this site are usually digital and tech related.

Mashable is used by large enterprises to find talented freelancers around the world who will assist with specific projects

13. Remote: Remote helps connect freelancers to potential clients. As a freelancer on remote, you will receive series of job requests that relates to the services you offer.

Freelancers are allowed to choose who to and who not to work with. Once you seal up a contract with a client, you can now complete the project as agreed and get reviews to help boost your reputation on the platform.

14. Coroflot: This is a freelance website for both web designers and developers, tech guys and lots of other creative guys with outstanding skills to offer. Companies come to this platform from all over the world to hire talented freelancers

15. 99designs: Are you a designer? If yes, then you will have to check out 99designs. This platform gives designers the opportunity to compete for projects while the clients choose the best works.

There are hundreds of clients on this website seeking for talented designers. 99designs is an excellent platform where designers can showcase their works and build their portfolios.

16. Croogster: This Indian freelance platform gives both freelancers and clients the opportunity to list their services and projects respectively. Freelancers are allowed to display their services, the amount of time they are willing to work on such a project and the rate they charge for their service.

Clients can then browse through these number of freelancers and select whoever they think is a good fit for their respective projects.

On the other hand, clients are also allowed to post their projects, the amount of time they need to complete the project, etc. Freelancers can now contact these clients having projects that have to do with their services.

Croogster is expanding to both the US and UK.

17. Smashing Jobs: There are lots of jobs for designers and developers on this platform. On this website, you can also find full-time job listings

18. WP Hired: There are also WordPress jobs on this platform. If you are very good with WordPress and you are seeking to make some extra cash then do well to check out this platform. The jobs on this platform are similar to that of WordPress job listing board since they are both channeled towards the WordPress ecosystem.

19. Traction: Just like Toptal, this platform requires you to apply and get accepted before you can be able to see jobs listed on the website. Their projects are mainly marketing jobs. Thus, this platform is a good fit if you are a marketer.

20. Guru: This platform comprises more of techy jobs, mainly projects for designers and developers. Though there are other jobs aside tech, those are the minority.

21. Folyo: Different companies come to this freelance website to find freelancers to work with. You are required to be a member of the private community before you can see the job listings.Clients post their projects and then receive a list of freelancers who might be fit for the particular project.

22. Hirable: If you are a developer then you can sign up for this platform. Companies like and Google and Birchbox usually hire developers from this community. Simply sign up, fill your profile and set your availability.

23. Gun: This is another nice platform for developers. Simply head straight to the site, sign up, fill your profile and start getting your developers magic done

24. LocalSolo: This is a platform where you can find local jobs in your area. I learnt it is commission free, unlike most platforms where freelancers pay a certain percentage of their earnings as commissions to the freelance website.

25. Gigster: Companies and organisations connect with freelancers on this platform. Most of the hired freelancers join the development teams of such enterprises and help in working on the companies projects.

26. Envato Studio: Freelance designers and developers and selected from this platform to take up lots of customer projects.

25. Crowded: This platform helps connect both freelancers and clients. Freelancers looking for jobs can browse through large jobs listing on this platform and meet the desired client. Head straight to sign up and get started.

26. Matchist: This website focuses more on developers. As a developer, you will need to apply and get accepted on this platform before you can start getting clients.

Unfortunately, Matchist takes only 15% of the applicants, so you must be very good so you can fall among the 15%. It is no doubt a great platform for individuals and companies seeking for developers as you can only find the best here.

27. Juiiicy: This is a private freelance community for designers to find high paying jobs. You will have to request an invitation before you can join the community.

Here companies do not post projects directly, jobs and being posted by fellow designers and whoever takes up the project is required to pay a certain commission to the designer who made the referral.

28. OnSite: Here companies post a project that needs to be done, receives a list of freelancers who could be a perfect match for the jobs and then select the best.

Freelancers are also allowed to set up their profiles and portfolios so as to attract clients as well.

29. Stack Overflow Careers: This platform is centered on developer and engineering jobs. Freelancers can find both contract and full-time jobs. There are a few jobs from other areas other than tech as well.

30. Simply Hired: This freelance website harbours clients from over 24 countries speaking over 12 different languages. Any freelancer can work here despite the service he or she is offering. There are jobs for almost every field of life.

31. Freelance: Here freelancers are not charged a percentage of their earnings as commission. You enjoy whatever you earn while working. Here you will find jobs related to writing, editing coding, and marketing.

32. Flexjobs: This platform also connects freelancers to hiring clients. Apart from getting clients here, there are other nice resources for freelancers like tips on job hunting and getting real clients. These could come in the form of webinars.

33. JCrew: This platform focus mainly on freelance developers and designers. If you are a designer or developer, this freelance website will help connect you with companies that are willing to pay for your services.

Simply go straight to the website and register.

34. College Recruiter: This site is for college students seeking for means to make money while still studying. There are a variety of job listings and clients on this platform. Students can find some part time jobs here while still in school.

Talented students who do their jobs very well may even stand the chance of pursuing a career after studies using just the network they are able to build while working on this platform.

35. Working Nomads: This is a platform with lots of job categories for freelancers. It ranges from writing, web and software development, designing, marketing, etc.

Register, browse through the list of available jobs and start getting some stuff done.

36. The Creative Group: On this group, freelancers can find both full time and contracted jobs. The categories range from writing, marketing, photography, and design. Head on to the site and use the freelance filter to get your results.

37. Freelance Writing Gigs: This site provides freelance opportunities mainly for writers. Here there are jobs for bloggers, writers, editors, publishers, etc. Just browse through the list of jobs and find a project that matches your skill.

38. CrowdSource: This is an excellent platform where freelancers can find real paying clients. It is one of the biggest community of freelancers. Tasks are broken down into subdivisions which are then completed by the freelancers.

Freelancers that delivers good services are awarded more projects which allow them to make more money.

39. Peer Hustle: This is a freelance website that allows freelancers search for jobs within their locality. Freelancers compete among themselves for jobs posted within their location by individual and companies.

Once you have found a client, he or she will proceed to fund the escrow account, so you can start working on the project at hand after which your payment will be released to you.

40. DesignHill: This freelance website allows freelance designers to create their portfolios and showcase their work to hiring individuals and companies. Freelancers can communicate with clients to get information about their respective project so as to enable them to deliver the best results.

41. Project4Hire: Here freelancers are allowed to apply to openings posted by clients from all over the world. Jobs on this platform ranges from design, programming and some other beautiful projects. Clients try to give detailed information about specific projects to freelancers who then carry out those projects and gets paid.

42. Linkedin Profinder: When it comes to anything business, LinkedIn is definitely a nice resource. Hiring companies and individuals usually hang around this platform. As a freelancer, you should start taking advantage of LinkedIn if you haven’t started doing that already.

Millions of people use this platform on a daily basis. With the Profinder section, you can connect with clients from different fields who are willing to pay you for the service you offer.

43. Krop: This platform provides job opportunity to freelancers from around the world. You can use the websites portfolio tool to create your portfolio is you are providing a creative service like designing.

Krop will help connect you with companies and individuals who might be interested in your skill. Simply join the site and browse through the available job listings.

44. Authentic Jobs: Here you can meet companies who can hire you for contracting jobs or just as freelancers. You can find jobs from virtually every field ranging from designing and programming to content strategy, SEO and lots more.

45. Aquent: This website gives freelancers the opportunity to find contract or hiring jobs. You can connect to companies around the world seeking for freelancers to help with projects related to digital marketing, designing, and programming, etc.

Simply search for jobs that match your skill using keywords and location.

46. Dice: You will find dice helpful if you are in the technology niche. It is a job search engine that allows you find only jobs related to technology. It gives you the opportunity to find the exact technology position you are seeking.

47. MeFi Jobs: This is another job search site for freelancers. You can find jobs based on the location you indicated on your profile.

48. WeWorkRemotely: On this website, you can find freelance jobs that allow you work from wherever you want. Jobs you can find on this platform includes designing jobs, programming jobs, and some other nice stuff. Simply head straight to the site and check it out.

49. JournalismJobs: Just as the name goes, you can find all jobs related to journalism on this platform. That covers publications on TV and radio,newspaper, online startups, media, etc.

So I have decided to end this list here. Just for the records, there are over 101 freelance websites you can join and start making a living for yourself. I simply handpicked these 50 for you to have a starting point.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, you must not be a member of all 50 sites before you start getting significant results as a freelancer. Join a few of them. I will advise you avoid the big names if you are just starting out with freelancing.

If you have been doing freelancing for some time with nothing to show for it, do not be discouraged. One thing if for sure; there is light at the end of the tunnel J. Your hard work will soon start paying off. You just have to focus, avoid distractions and keep learning new strategies on how to better your freelancing career.

If you need my help setting up any of the account,

If u will love to be a freelancer but no skills,

Good news

I can train you on one of the fast paying skill now online.


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