17 Amazing Money Making Apps That You Can Earn From in 2019

It’s a good thing to have a variety of options for making money. Everyone has bills to pay and expenses to cover. Having a traditional job to cover those expenses is smart. But what about having access to some other avenues for earning cash?

One of peoples’ largest expenses can be the rent or mortgage payment. Depending on where you live, paying the rent or mortgage can cost between $500 and $2000.

Luckily, there are ways to make money outside of a traditional job. Additional income can help you pay the rent or other bills and expenses.

More Ways to Make Money

Making money online has become a hot topic item in recent years. Therefore, the technology industry has gotten on board with its creation of money making apps.

Making money through an app is a great way to earn additional cash. You can download the app to your smartphone, tablet or other portable devices.

This means you can rake in additional income at surprising times. You can earn money when you’re on the bus going to work. Or if you’re waiting in the doctor’s office for your appointment. Ever have spare time in between your college classes? Do you ever feel bored with nothing else to do?

Using an app to earn additional money can be the perfect way to use downtime.

Different apps offer different earning avenues. Some allow you to make money from the comfort of your own home. Others send you out on the road.

Here is a list of 17 money making apps you can download onto your electronic device. They’ll give you accessible options for making money in your spare time. That money can help you pay the rent and cover other expenses too.

Pay Your Bills with These Money Making Apps

Luckily, there are money making apps available for many different tasks and jobs. This is good news for you because it offers you a variety. Let’s say one money making avenue doesn’t appeal to you. All you need to do is try another one and see if that will be a fit.

How many of these apps would appeal to your money making nature?

1. Shopkick:

Shopkick is a free shopping rewards app that helps you earn rewards points in three main ways:

  1. Scanning barcodes in stores
  2. Reporting prices for products online
  3. Watching videos

The points you earn are called “kicks.” You can earn them if you make purchases in-store or online too. But, you don’t have to buy anything in order to earn rewards.

You can redeem rewards points for free gift cards. You can use the gift cards to pay for things you’d include in your normal budget. Or you can use them to buy groceries or gas. Because of that, you’ll have more money for other expenses.

Shopkick users have earned over $86.5 million in free gift cards to-date with the app!

2. Ibotta:

Ibotta is an app that will help you save money on groceries. It does this by giving you cash rebates for items you purchase. Here’s how it works.

First, you need to sign up with Ibotta. Next, you download the app on your smartphone.

Then, Ibotta will ask you the names of the local stores where you do your grocery shopping. By sharing the stores you shop at you can find the best Ibotta deals. Ibotta partners with dozens of big and smaller name grocery stores. You can find Ibotta partners all over the United States.

Before you go shopping, you look for rebates for items you want to buy. Choose the grocery store you’ll shop at for specific offers. Then you shop and buy the items that qualify for the rebates. When you’re done, you take a picture of your receipt and send it to Ibotta.

Within two days, Ibotta puts the cash you earn into your Ibotta account. You can use PayPal to transfer the cash to your bank account.

Ibotta makes it easy to save money – no having to find or clip coupons. The app helps you save by putting your earnings into a separate account. And you can use that money to pay for whatever you want.

3. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks will pay you cash for doing things you might be doing already.  You’ll earn points for watching videos online and playing online games. You can earn for shopping online, searching the web and taking surveys.

When you are ready to cash out your points, you can use them to get gift cards. They have cards from popular stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and others.

You can also redeem your points for cash for your PayPal account. You can use that cash to pay your rent. Have you paid your rent and other necessities? In this case, use your Swagbucks earnings to save for a vacation. Or use it to buy that new item you’ve been saving for.

The tasks Swagbucks will pay you for doing are easy. Therefore, you probably won’t even realize you are “working” and earning money.

4. Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars partners with trusted product brands. Their goal? To get members’ opinions on their products. To date, Inbox Dollars has paid their members over 50 million dollars. They must be doing something right.

People who sign up for Inbox Dollars share their opinion in surveys. They have a great free app available for members.

The company pays members for watching videos too. They’ll pay for   as well as other tasks. As you earn points with Inbox Dollars, you can get paid in a number of ways.

You can ask for a gift card to your favorite store. They offer gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and others. Or you can get a pre-paid Visa reward card with your points. A third option is to ask for a check and get cash for your Inbox Dollars tasks.

5. I-Say:

I-Say is an online survey rewards community run by Ipsos. You can earn I-Say points by taking surveys. Or you may be able to win prizes by entering contests on the site.

You can redeem your points when you reach a certain number of points. I-Say will let you trade points for gifts cards to your favorite stores. You can choose stores such as Amazon or Starbucks. Or you can ask to convert points to a PayPal deposit.

6. Lyft:

Lyft is a rideshare service that takes people to the places they want to go. You start by signing on to be a Lyft driver and downloading the Lyft app. You choose to start earning money with Lyft as you please.

With Lyft, you can earn money at your convenience. You sign in and out of the Lyft app when you are available.

When you sign in as available, Lyft starts sending you notifications. They’ll tell you who needs a ride in your area. When you accept the task, you go and pick the rider up. You bring them to their destination. And you can bring them back if needed.

Lyft pays you a portion of the money they collect from the rider. They pay drivers each week for the rides they’ve given.

As a bonus, many Lyft riders pay their drivers tips for good service. Do you like the idea of giving people rides in your spare time? If so, this might be a good way for you to make some cash.

Here are some ways you can maximize your earnings with the Lyft app:

  • Drive a fuel-efficient car
  • Keep your car clean and in good shape
  • Provide extras like mints or water bottles to make a rider feel cared for
  • Engage in polite, light-hearted conversation with your riders. Stay quiet if you sense your rider isn’t interested in talking
  • Be willing to be available at peak rider times. Friday and Saturday nights and early morning hours are popular

7. Trim:

Trimis an almost effortless way for you to put cash in your pocket. Here’s how it works. Do you ever look over your bank and credit card statements? Have you ever seen a charge you didn’t expect to have?

Maybe it’s a charge for an annual membership to a gym. Or for a membership to a credit monitoring service. Maybe it’s a subscription for an online service.

Trim seeks out those hidden charges. They help you make sure you are only paying for things you want to pay for.

Trim’s money-saving service works like this. The first step is to sign up with Trim. You’ll give them secure access to your credit and debit cards.

After you do that, they monitor your accounts. They look for hidden monthly, semi-annual or annual charges that you may no longer want. Or maybe you’re not even aware of the charge.

Trim is Smart

The technology they use at Trim understands whether a charge is a normal reoccurring charge. They know that your regular trip to get your favorite latte is okay. They also know how to spot a charge you are unaware of. One example is an annual charge for a magazine subscription.

When they find those charges, Trim sends you a quick text or email. They’ll ask if you want the charges or automatic withdrawals to continue.

If you agree that you want the charge to continue, Trim leaves it alone. However, if you want to cancel the charge, Trim makes the call and does that for you. Then you’ll no longer have to pay for that charge.

Bonus: Trim will look at necessary charges such as auto insurance too. They’ll do some comparison shopping to see if they can find you a better rate.

They’re great at negotiating bills. They’ll work to save you money in a number of ways. And, they’ll make all the calls when it comes to canceling and switching services. Therefore you can spend your time doing important things like having fun.

Trim works to put more money in your pocket every month. They’ll help you make sure you’re not spending money on things you don’t want to pay for.

8. Ebates:

Want to get paid cash for shopping? Ebates is your answer. Since 2008 Ebates has been giving members cold, hard cash when they shop. You just need to shop through the Ebates portal.

From the Ebates website:

“Stores pay us a commission for sending our members to their websites. We share it with you. It’s that simple!”

It really is that simple. And bonus: it’s free to join. Here’s how it works. First, you go to the Ebates website and sign on to become a member.

The next time you go shopping, you do so by first logging into Ebates. Click on the store you want to shop at, and Ebates directs you to their website. You shop, add items to your cart and check out and pay like normal. Ebates sends you a cash rebate for shopping at that store.

Cash Back Rebates from Thousands of Stores

Each store has a different rebate amount when you connect with them through Ebates. Here are examples of what the rebate amount is for some stores at the time of this writing. Note that rebate percentages are subject to change:

  • Amazon: 3.0% in select departments
  • eBay: 2.0% in select departments
  • Macy’s: 3.0%
  • Kohl’s: 3.0%
  • Walmart: 1.0%
  • Barneys New York: 6.0%
  • Ulta: 3.0%
  • Nike: 1.5%
  • Gap: 2.0%

The company partners with over 2,000 stores for cash rebates for members. This means the chances are good that stores you shop at are partners with Ebates. In other words, you’ll get cash back as you shop.

Since you go shopping anyway, you may as well earn some cash back as you shop. Interested in earning even more money with Ebates? Check out their referral program.

Ebates will pay you cash when you refer friends and family members. If they become Ebates members and make a qualifying purchase, you earn money.

9. Task Rabbit:

Are you good at helping people? You can earn money to pay your rent by becoming a tasker on TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit works like this: people needing tasks done put their requests on TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit notifies local taskers of the available jobs in their area. They have an easy-to-install app for taskers to use.

You get to select the job you want to do. You’ll notify the client to negotiate the details with them. You can tell them when you can complete the task. And you can estimate how many hours you think it will take to complete it.

After you complete the task, you submit your invoice to TaskRabbit. They collect the money from the client and pay you.

People use TaskRabbit for a number of different types of tasks. As a tasker for TaskRabbit, you might have a chance to:

  • Help assemble furniture
  • Do a minor home repair job
  • Help someone move
  • Clean a room, house, basement, garage or another area
  • Deliver something for someone
  • Function in a personal assistant type of task

Or a number of other potential available tasks. TaskRabbit helps members stay safe by performing background and identity checks. They carry insurance to keep TaskRabbit members safe too.

Do you like the idea of earning money by completing tasks for people? And doing so during the hours you choose to be available? If so, this could be a great way for you to earn some side hustle income.

10. Mobile Expression:

According to its website, Mobile Expression is “a market research panel designed to understand the trends and behaviors of people using the mobile Internet.”

This helps the company teach other companies how they can better market to mobile device users. What does this information have to do with you?

As a member of Mobile Expression, you get paid prizes, rewards and cash. You just need to install the Mobile Expression app on your mobile device.

So basically, all you have to do to earn money with Mobile Expression is to do what you normally do. They’ll pay you to search the Internet, shop, and play games.

Do you want to earn money for doing what you do anyway? Sign up with Mobile Expression for iPhone. If you have an Android, sign up with Mobile Expression for Android.

11. Cash Crate:

Cash Crate is similar to other market research companies. They pay you cash to do various tasks on your mobile device.

They pay members for activities such as:

  • Signing up for products and services
  • Playing games
  • Taking surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Socializing online
  • Winning contests

Many of the activities you do to get cash from Cash Crate are things you’re likely doing now. They’ll pay you cash when you refer friends to join as well.

The company has been in business since 2006. And Cash Crate pays out thousands of dollars each month to its members.

A fun little page on their website is their Payment Wall. This is where members post pictures of the payments they’ve received from Cash Crate. The Payment Wall is a great way for you to check out Cash Crate. You can see legitimate payments made to current members.

And it’s free to become a member of Cash Crate. Note: people as young as 13 years of age can join Cash Crate.

12. WeGoLook:

WeGoLook is a gig-centered task service. They hire taskers to take pictures of items for potential buyers. Or they take pictures of items for other interested parties. Many times, the item you’ll be sent to take pictures of is a car.

Here’s how the task process for the company works.

When you sign on to be a “looker” with WeGoLook, you’ll install the app on your phone. They’ll get you a list of available jobs in your area. And they’ll tell you the pay for that task and the date the task is due.

After accepting a job, you go to the specified location. You’ll take pictures of the requested item and send them to WeGoLook.

Most of the time you are looking for defects and blemishes. Or you’re trying to capture the overall condition of the car or another item.

WeGoLook pays lookers every week for tasks they’ve completed. Along with taking pictures for clients, WeGoLook offers custom task services too. So, you might have a chance to do other types of tasks for people in your area.

13. GigWalk:

GigWalk hires Gigwalkers to complete research. Similar to other task-based apps, people who sign on with GigWalk will see a list of available gigs near them. They can either accept or reject the tasks they see.

The gigs also list what a member will be paid if they choose to complete the job.

A common task for a Gigwalker might be taking a picture of a product on a shelf. Or they might need to take a picture of a menu at a restaurant. Maybe they’ll take pictures of a marketing event at a store.

GigWalk shares the information that Gigwalkers send to them with the coordinating company. This helps the company discover potential roadblocks to sales. And it helps them better market their products and services to the public.

GigWalk sends payments each week for the gigs you complete with them. Performance matters with GigWalk too.

As you gain experience with GigWalk, you’ll raise your performance score. This will make you eligible to choose higher paying gigs. The better you perform at smaller gigs, the more larger gigs you can get.

14. DoorDash:

Delivering food from restaurants to customers is becoming popular. People are looking for convenient ways to eat restaurant meals. And they want to do so without leaving the house.

That’s where DoorDash comes in. This delivery app allows you to sign in and out as you’re available. It allows you to choose the jobs you want to take. And it shows in advance the pay you’ll earn if you accept a delivery job.

After you’ve completed the job, you notify DoorDash. They’ll pay you for the jobs you complete every week. Plus, you get to keep 100% of the tips you receive.

There’s one different and fun thing about DoorDash. That is that you don’t necessarily need to own a car to deliver meals.

Depending on the laws in your city, you may be able to deliver for DoorDash with a bike. Or with a scooter instead of your car. In some areas, you may even be able to walk to deliver for DoorDash.

Are you familiar with the restaurants in your area? Do you like the idea of delivering to clients? If so, this could be a great way for you to earn additional cash.

15. Field Agent

Field Agent is similar to GigWalk. They work to help companies make sure they’re offering the best products and services. They work to provide the highest quality marketing techniques to consumers.

When you download the Field Agent app, you’ll be asked to do various jobs. You might conduct price checks. Or, you might check in-store displays or take consumer surveys.

For instance, you may be asked to go to a specific store. You’ll find a specific product and take a photo of it. You might need to answer questions about the product. For instance, you’ll share the price and the location of the product at the store.

Field Agent pays you for the jobs you complete via your Dwolla account. Or you can use direct deposit into your bank account.

This could be a great way to earn cash if you live near a lot of retail stores.

16. Decluttr

Got a lot of old electronics and other items sitting around? Why not make money with it by downloading the Decluttr app?

Decluttr will buy a variety of items from consumers. Some examples include DVDs, CDs and cell phones. They’ll buy books, Legos, game consoles and video games too.

You get an offer price when you enter your products’ barcodes on the site. They have a free app that makes it easy to do this.

Once you accept the offer for your stuff, you ship it to Decluttr. Don’t worry about expensive shipping costs – they send you a free shipping label. You need to use your own box, though.

It takes about a week for them to receive your stuff. They’ll assess the contents and send your money via Paypal. This can be a faster, easier way to sell your gadgets or other stuff. It can be easier than it would be to deal with personal buyers. Selling at a garage sale or online with Craigslist can be tedious.

17. Dosh:

The Dosh app rewards you with cash back when you use the app for purchases. This app is for making online purchases or booking hotels. Just sign in to your Dosh app before you shop. Use it to connect to your favorite stores.

As a member, you’ll give Dosh your credit card information. They use high-level security to protect you. This will help you find ways to get cash back when eating out too. They search out rebate options for your favorite restaurants.

Dosh partners with stores, restaurants and other retailers. They work with retailers to gain them customers. Then they reward customers by offering cash back rebates for purchases.

After you accumulate at least $15 in rebates, you can transfer your cash from Dosh. They’ll put your money right into your PayPal account. You can also use direct deposit to your savings or checking account.

I’ve just shown you 17 different ways you can work to make money. You can use the money to help you pay the rent. Or you can use it for whatever other financial goals and needs you have.

Making money is easy when you know where to look. Have you used any of the apps mentioned here to earn cash? If so, what was your experience?

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