11 New Ways To Get MORE Views On YouTube In 2019

11 Ways To Get MORE Views on YouTube FOR NEW CHANNELS in 2019


The more watch time you have the better. Youtube promotes videos that keep people on youtube so the higher your expected watch time the better.

 If people are only watching your videos for like 30 seconds, then why should youtube promote your video?

Why should YouTube place one of your videos in the suggested videos?

You-tube wants to see people watching your stuffs so they can recommend it more.


It is so important to make your video titles unique. YouTube doesn’t like duplicate contents, and they don’t like duplicate titles.

So here’s what you do, you take your keyword and you place some word in front of it and some word at back of it, and you have to change it up a little bit. For example…   

Some videos on YouTube hardly get more views, because there so many videos out there that already have that title.

So you make your title unique by switching it up a little bit  For Example …. 10  Ways To Get MORE Views  on YouTube  FOR  NEW  CHANNELS in 2019

You see how unique that title is……… you should also make your titles unique because YouTube doesn’t want to see same title over and over and over again. They want stuffs that is different new and fresh.


Confirm your video by telling the user exactly what they’re looking for. If the video talks about how to get more views on YouTube, then say it right at at the beginning of the video.

You can say……., Hey!  how to get more views on YouTube, you came to the right place. Watsup guys. Stuffs like that are what you need to do to. You have to confirm that so people know they’re at the right place.


I see so many people doing this, when  they start a  YouTube channel,  they’re  just talking about all the coffee they’ve been drinking, talking about you know…….

 Hey i just got a new phone,  and this new thermometer, i also got this remote control…… and bla bla bla.

But the truth is, nobody cares about those stuffs, nobody cares about the haircut you just cut, nobody cares.

So guys when you start up a channel on YouTube.

Just get straight to the point, that’s why they came to your video especially if you’re a new channel, as soon as they get there tell them exactly what they’re looking for. IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING.



When you start with a cheesy webcam it’ll look kinda lame you know all that stuff, but when you get better webcam, and you can probably get an idea-solar camera or other stuffs. It’ll cost you a little bit more but it’ll also benefit you.

 It’ll make a difference with your channel. Everything will begin to explode and it’ll give you more confidence.

And also the audio….. Huh! OMG!  I  can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to so many YouTube channels and the audio sucks so bad.

You watch some YouTube videos and it’s all loud, clear and all that and  then you go another video and you can’t be able to say the same. It kinda sounds awkward.

So for your video not be like the awkward one, you got to invest into getting good equipment’s. Now equipment is not everything, audio and video is not everything on YouTube OK but it makes  a huge difference.


Whatever is happening out there, like politics, whatever is happening in the world at large, you can share your own views on that. Reason is because people are searching for those  keywords whatever it is, and they could find your video.

 So whatever is the high topics….. Whatever is the trend right now….. Whatever is on the rage, on the tablet, on the magazines and on the grocery stores, whatever it is, create video about that because that’s what people really are looking for.



OMG!  I was watching an intro the other day and it was 40 seconds long, it was like watching a movie, i didn’t even wait for the guy to get to the content, i already clicked off the video before the intro was done.

Don’t do that!  You must not necessarily do an intro in all your videos and all your channels. Intro’s are cool and all that but first,  get their attention then maybe follow with a little short intro and after that get back straight to the content.


There are three levels of energy. So

First you have the energy were you’re just kinda chilling out , you’re kinda, ouch! I had a long day, you’re just taking it slowly singing or making kinda funny comments about how tired you are and all that.

And then the next level.

Talking about the level were you’ll be in the office making a phone call in the middle of the day, you’re working at the office, and you’re talking, HEY!  How are you doing Ephraim, nice speaking to you today. etc.

And then there is  that higher  level.  I will call the highest level that you can bring to your video that you can bring to your videos and here’s the thing, it’s still you.

 You might feel like i don’t wanna do that because it’s not me.  am not used to stuffs like that, it’s not me and all that…….

What is that higher level that you have?

You might you can’t be like the other, of course that’s because you are you, your’re not the other person, but the thing is whatever it is, that unique personality that you have, bring it to the highest level as possible.

Because there are so many people out there that are not bringing the energy to the table and you can be the first one to do that and come out ahead.


Yes, people that are already popular out there in YouTube. Reach out to them, and say hey would you like to do a little interview, or something like that, you can answer some questions or you can be like hey, you guys want to ask me some question etc.

 You can do a one on one Skype or something and the video can be recorded then you place it own your channel so when people are searching for that dude or bae, your videos will come out in the results.



How to make more money on YouTube, make more money on YouTube, make money on YouTube. Whatever that keyword is, repeat it over and over again because YouTube is listening and make sure all your keyword in the title of your video. But most importantly, make to have the keyword in the description of videos. Don’t describe the keyword in your description, make it like a sentence. Or you can also distinct the title of the video and then place it into the description of the video. This will also help as well.

11.Work on your twitter account

Sharing videos on twitter is a much easier way to get high traffic, Unlike Facebook.

Facebook is not friendly with YouTube videos. No matter how much you spend to boost YouTube videos on Facebook, you can never get more views. Because Facebook don’t like sending people out of their platform (external link), they rather prefer you post the video on their platform and also promote the video on there platform.

To get a high view and subscribers on your YouTube account, I highly recommend twitter to you.

Twitter is very friendly to YouTube. It allows your video go far, and so many people will find your video and see them.

a) Work on your twitter account. Make sure you’re very active in your twitter, don’t just post only videos, you post things that attracts your audience. Make sure you have massive followers between 5k or 10k active followers.

Link your YouTube channel to your twitter account. That way whenever you post videos on your YouTube channel, the view will be shared to twitter automatically. Your followers will watch and subscribe to your video, to give you the level of followers you need.

This method is very simple and it’s one of the best, this way you don’t need to pay any money for traffic, all you need to do is make sure you have active followers on your twitter. If you don’t know how to get followers for your twitter account, you can easily buy an already built twitter account with massive followers.

If you need help in any way, I highly recommend you get an expert to handle this for you.
You can contact an expert @ viziwebtech


You just have to be consistent. You have to make videos on a regular basis and you just can’t quite, you have to do whatever it takes until you get there.



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